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Veterinary TPS Solution

The Prowess Veterinary Treatment Planning System is designed exclusively for veterinary applications. Using industry-specific terminology and built on the familiar Windows platform, Prowess Veterinary Treatment Planning System provides the user a simple, intuitive interface to quickly generate treatment plans and maximize patient throughput while minimizing start-up costs and improving workflow efficiency. It is the only TPS that uses a single platform and interface for all treatment modules – 3D Conformal Therapy, Jaws-Only DAO Image-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Multileaf Collimator DAO IMRT (MLC DAO IMRT).

Prowess Veterinary Treatment Planning System provides a cost-effective, scalable solution for veterinary oncology. Designed to meet present needs of clinics while providing a seamless modular upgrade path, the software allows clinicians access from any connected workspace or laptop, regardless of location.

Vet specific benefits and features:

Vet Views

  • Simple, intuitive user interface that uses veterinary terminology for orientation, such as: dorsal, ventral, cranial, caudal, and axial.

Vet Position

  • Supports import, planning, and export of all imaging positions. Including lateral (decubitus left and right) setups commonly practiced in veterinary treatment.
  • Users can also set the correct orientation and edit the image series if the scanner does not support these setups.

Vet DoseGrid

  • 1mm Dose Grid (Calculation Matrix) in order to provide the precision needed for dose review in small animals

Vet Image Enhancement

  • Image enhancements are used so that contouring and dose evaluation for small animals is more natural after zooming in for a larger view.


General benefits and features:

  • Same platform for all treatment modules
  • Versatile network access
  • Cost-effective, scalable solution
  • Outstanding technical support

“Prowess has been very responsive to the specific needs of veterinarians in radiation treatment planning. I have used the system daily for the past 5 years with virtually no downtime or problems. They also offer the only treatment planning system that has enhancements addressing the unique needs of the veterinary patient.”

Eric Boshoven, DVM
Diplomate ACVR (Radiation Oncology)
VCA Veterinary Referral Associates
Gaithersburg, Maryland


“Prowess Panther treatment planning system is a great system! I use the 3D conformal treatment planning daily. The system is incredibly user friendly and provides an accurate positioning system for my conformal setups. The veterinary interface allows correct anatomical landmark documentation and supports lateral positioning that is so common in our veterinary patients.”

Jayme Looper, DVM
Diplomate ACVR
Specialty of Radiation Oncology
VCA Aurora Animal Hospital