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Fast, Accurate and Extremely User Friendly

Introduced in the late 80’s as one of the first computerized treatment planning systems, Prowess Panther Brachy Pro builds on years of experience and customer feedback to present the complete brachytherapy. From orthogonal film entry for Iridium ribbon implants to real-time planning for prostate cancer, Brachy Pro provides state of the art solutions for today’s brachytherapy treatment.

Innovative Inverse Planning

The new Brachy Inverse Planning product uses the cutting edge algorithm that won the 2007 Franz Edelman Award for Operations Research.

Clinical Advantage and Patient Benefits

With easy set up of constraints, the inverse planning algorithm comes up with clinically acceptable plans in under a minute with dose distributions well conformed to the tumor. Quick planning allows for planning on the day of the implant thus accounting for organ deformations. Brachy Pro creates plans with roughly 15% to 20% fewer seeds and needles leading to lower implant times, so treatments are less susceptible to organ swelling.

Single System for all your Brachytherapy Needs

Whether you are performing temporary implants for gynecological cancer or permanent implants for prostate or breast, Prowess Panther Brachy Pro offers the familiar intuitive interface which reduces planning times. Prowess Panther is the only system that lets you create composite plans between external beam and Brachytherapy to suit your boost needs.


General Features

  • Real-time Ultrasound image capture via frame grabber, ultrasound probe & automated stepper
  • Seed loading algorithms based on geometric loading and inverse planning
  • Ability to treat with multiple isotopes
  • Pubic Arch Study for marking blocked holes
  • Side by side plan comparison mode
  • Dose Volume Histogram (DVH) comparisons
  • Equivalent Uniform Dose (EUD) tools
  • Volumetric Image Cube (VIC) - Advanced 3D visualization tool
  • Advanced CT seed localization algorithms including duplicate identification

Orthogonal Film Entry

  • Orthogonal film mode for adding temporary implants
  • Ability to add line and seed sources as well as calculation points and fiducials

Create the Best Brachytherapy Plan Fast!

  • Offers accuracy in dose delivery while lowering radiation to normal tissue.
  • Reduces planning time in the OR and allows for reproducible plans.
  • Improved tumor control.
  • Reduces the number of seeds and needles.
  • Explicitly incorporates all delivery constraints.

Brachytherapy Accessories

  • Seed source editor
  • Line source editor
  • Template editor