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Accuracy, Simplicity and Ease of Use

Panther 3D Conformal Therapy is designed to improve the efficiency of today's busy radiation oncology departments, delivering more value to the health care environment that expects cost reductions and higher productivity without sacrificing the level of patient care.

Prowess has a competitive advantage by offering Panther 3D Conformal Therapy on the familiar and most user-friendly Windows® platform. Users are able to generate treatment plans quickly due to the familiar Windows® "look & feel" and Panther’s intuitive user interface.

Recognizing the financial realities of today's medical environment, Panther 3D Conformal Therapy is designed to be completely modular. Upgrading with additional modalities is completely seamless.

Affordably priced, backed by extensive training and prompt technical support, Panther 3D Conformal Therapy is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution for ALL your treatment planning needs.

3D Conformal Features

3D Conformal – Additional features

  • Siemens virtual wedges are supported
  • Photon and electron beams can be combined. Composite plans supported.
  • Easy operation to add beam accessories like wedge, block and compensator
  • Multileaf Collimator (MLC) support. MLC display can be turned ON or OFF
  • MLC can be “auto fit” to any selected organ with a specified margin
  • MLC “auto fit” can be opted for inner, outer or center edges
  • Individual MLC leafs can be graphically edited
  • MLC shape can be reset by a click
  • Blocks can be drawn, edited or deleted in BEV. Block display can be turned ON or OFF
  • Possible to draw, edit the blocking region or the aperture
  • The aperture of the block can be “autofit” to any selected organ with a specified margin
  • The bolus of any specified thickness can be added from BEV
  • The collimator jaws, MLC. Blocks can be locked so that there is no change in their position and shapes because of accidental mouse clicks
  • Rotational beam treatment