Pichandi Anchineyan,

"Here at Curie Centre Hospital Prowess has been supporting online planning for 2 years across 8 satellite sites using a basic internet connection with no issues."

Deborah McGhen,

"The technical support has been amazing!!! We have had Prowess TPS support for the past six years and they are the best. The system is very intuitive (user friendly). Displaying the menus available on one screen is a very efficient use of our time. (We do not have to back out of the program to enter into another aspect of the planning system.) It is also very useful for our remote dosimetry center to have the ability to enter and update the clients beam data ourselves. This is very time and cost effective."

Dan Berkley, Radiation Safety Officer

"Prowess is so very easy to use. That's a million-dollar feature. You can put fields up and move them around quickly. It makes multiple 3D plan comparisons very simple which enables optimal dose optimization with the DVHs. Our system runs on older PCs and we still have good planning speed plan with even with generating the DRRs. We have three systems networked where physician and staff can work concurrently. Considering all of the above features, Prowess is priced modestly, which makes it very attractive."

Amirul Hoque, PhD

"At Greater Pittsburgh Cancer Center we are very pleased with our Prowess External Beam and Brachy Pro treatment planning systems. They are friendly and easy to use, which is important to us. The programs have good tools for modeling our data, so we can do this in-house rather than relying on outside help. Data does not have to undergo awkward and time-consuming translations because the program modules are well integrated. The transfer process is automatic and easy to use, even between the 2D and 3D program. We've also saved on downtime, because the programs do not crash or lock up and they are more stable than our other systems."

Saulo Fortes, Chief Physicist - HSM - Hospital de Saude da Mulher

"PROWESS PUMA is a complete R&V system, which makes an excellent bridge between the planning system and linear accelerator console. Puma shows any inconsistencies of the treatment and/or prescribed dose parameters and also provides detailed reports of all treatments. It has a very intuitive interface. We are very pleased with Puma performance."

"PROWESS PANTHER is an amazing treatment planning system with a very fast and accurate dose calculation engine. It has a friendly interface. The DAO optimization for IMRT achieves better distribution with a smaller number of segments and MU. The on-line remote support is an advantage for Prowess customers."