X. Allen Li, PhD, DABMP, FAAPM

"In most cases the combination of DAO IMRT with the Artiste 160 MLC, treatment can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes."

David Shepard, PhD

"We are very excited about the performance of our Prowess Panther™ DAO IMRT planning system. The first patient that we treated posed a significant challenge due to the large size of the tumor volume (27cm x 13cm). The plan produced by Prowess Panther DAO IMRT satisfied all of the physician's strict dosimetric requirements and the patient was treated in less than 15 minutes."


Pedro Montes, MS, DABR

"I have been using Prowess software for Brachy Therapy and External Beam Radiotherapy for more than twelve years in different Radiotherapy Centers in the Continental USA and Puerto Rico. We currently treat about 80 patients a day and continue to have complete confidence in Prowess' ability to help us provide the best treatment plans possible. Prowess systems are fast, accurate, and very user-friendly. I can't say enough about the customer service-they really take care of us. We are extremely pleased and look forward to the many advances that continue to come from Prowess. We are waiting for your IMRT product, considering the fact that we are on the planning of two new centers. Prowess is a very good, cost-efficient TPS."

Terry A. Stupar, PhD

"We have been using Prowess Treatment Planning products since the opening of this clinic 8 years ago with great satisfaction. We have found Prowess system to be quite flexible and state of the art. The system is particularly well designed to support Breast IMRT..."


Leonard Hurst, MHS, DABR

"One of the features we like best about Prowess treatment planning systems software is that it's very simple to use. We do a lot of Brachytherapy with Prowess, and we've used Prowess External Beam 3D system since it was first released. Honestly, I can do twice as many plans with Prowess than with other systems in the same amount of time. We have found the system to be very reliable, and customer service is excellent."